Japanese Classes

All classes are bilingual, so no prior knowledge of the Japanese language is needed!
We can customize classes to meet your goals!



Ages 4 + years

Private Japanese lessons can be tailored to each individual's language journey. Whether you are just testing the waters or readying for a trip abroad, our instructors can find the class style that works for you! Our focus areas include writing, conversation, and travel, or students can experience a balanced class that touches on all areas.

All ages and experiences are welcome, but beginning students under 10 years of age are recommended to start with one of our group classes.

Textbooks &


Based on the student's focus, we utilize any of the following books:

Japanese for Young People*
Japanese from Zero*
Japanese for Busy People*
Minna no Nihongo*
Adventures in Japanese
*available for purchase in the studio



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We have sucessfully prepared students to take the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, held each year in December at UH Manoa.
The JLPT is an internationally recognized test based in Japan to test for language proficiency in grammar, vocabulary, reading, and listening.
We offer preparatory classes for the following levels:

✓ N5 (introductory level, approximately 2 years of study)

    ✓ -N4 (intermediate level)
      ✓ -N3 (intermediate-early advanced)

          We can also prepare students to take the
          National Japanese Exam, held each spring.
          Please inquire for details.
          ☞ What is JLPT and NJE, and how do I know if that's the right choice for me?
          Visit our FAQ Page!